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City Stars Kindergarten is located on Queensland's Sunshine Coast in Pelican Waters, Caloundra. If you would like a guided tour call us on 07 5437 5809 or click the button to book online.

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"Proudly supported by the Queensland Government"
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Funded Kindergarten Program Statement of Fees Kindergarten Services 2022 (PDF)

Our staff are highly qualified early childhood specialists & Assistants

Our Mission is to provide an outstanding educational environment that is vibrant and exciting; a place of exceptional standard in a nurturing setting with emphasis on the care and attention of each individual student.

City Stars Educators

City Stars Kindergarten has one Education Leader, Lisa Gravestein and one Education Assistant, Vanessa Smith. Due to the strong connections we have with Caloundra City Private School, students have regular contact with all Junior School staff and become familiar with them as they move around the school and participate in different school activities

Lisa Gravestein
Lisa Gravestein

Lisa Gravestein

Questions about City Stars Kindergarten?

Below are a list of the questions parents frequently ask about City Stars. If you have a question that isn't on the list, please feel free to ask. Either call us on 07 5437 5850 or complete the form below the questions.

1What does 'Exceeds National Quality Standards' mean?

Each School's services are assessed against the NQS and given a rating on seven Quality Areas that are important outcomes for our children in their formative years. 'Exceeds' is the highest result that can be achieved by a School.

2How do I keep up to date with my child's development and learning?

City Stars staff keep a digital Learning Portfolio for each student. You receive email notifications to alert you that Learning Stories and Observations are available for you to view. This secure real-time method of recording ensures that you are kept up to date with your child’s progress and even share it with other family members or friends that may not be able to come into your child’s Kindergarten on a regular basis.

3What do students bring each day?

Children wear their City Stars uniform to school each day. They can bring their own backpack with their morning tea, lunch, water bottle and hat. On Library days, children will need to bring a library bag and a sheet is required for rest time.

4Are students introduced to Prep throughout the year?

We have developed a successful Transition Program. Our Junior School teachers work closely together to plan activities and opportunities so that the City Stars children can be involved in school life as much as possible. Weekly scheduled visits to Prep commence in Semester Two allowing the Kindergarten children maximum time to become familiar with the Prep setting, staff and expectations. These play-based experiences are relaxed and fun and all children enjoy getting together.

5Do we allow delayed entry into Kindergarten?

We understand that not all students are ready to take their steps into education as soon as others are. For that reason we are able to offer delayed entry into Kindergarten when necessary. More information can be obtained about delayed entry on the Queensland Government Early Childhood Education and Care website.

6What are your maximum numbers for Kindergarten?

We are on a 1:11 ratio for our Kindergarten. Our maximum number per class is twenty-two students with a highly experienced team of two specialist Early Childhood teachers - a Bachelor-qualified teacher and a teacher aide. On Excursions we have one adult for every eight children, during water activities one adult for every five children.

7Do students interact with the rest of the School?

Our City Stars students are part of Caloundra City Private School. They have a buddy class in Year 3 that they visit regularly and this forms a very positive relationship at the start of their Kindergarten year. City Stars love to visit the Library, the permaculture garden and chicken coop, play on the oval and the tennis court and participate in the Perceptual Motor Skills program with Prep. Later in the Kindergarten year, students also attend assemblies and participate in incursions that are occurring in the school.

8Do students still get a chance to play?

Our program is still play based learning and though academics are the basis of the program our students are encouraged to explore and play with their new friends in our beautiful spacious classroom and outdoor play area. Staff promote all types of play including dramatic, fantasy, exploratory, manipulative, physical games and activities and games with rules.

9How does being part of Caloundra City Private School help?

City Stars Kindergarten utilises similar academic materials and programs as the Prep students at Caloundra City Private School, therefore students in City Stars receive early exposure to the programs they will utilise during their foundation learning years. This is coupled with our program to progress the students’ gross and fine motor skills. The Kindergarten program we offer is designed to instil in students a love of learning that will grow with them as they advance through School.

10What are the benefits of my child attending City Stars Kindergarten?

There are many benefits to a school based Kindergarten. The City Stars program we offer is designed to instil a love of learning that will grow as your child advances through School. We focus on developing each child’s early literacy and numeracy Skills in a fun and engaging way. Our play based curriculum aims to cater to the needs of all abilities and the different areas of development seen in children at this young age. We encourage children to develop their gross and fine motor skills and participate in regular physical activity. Kindergarten is the pivotal year for oral language development. City Stars’ staff ensure students are given daily activities that help promote their oral language skills. City Stars students participate in a modified version of the Caloundra City Private School Social Skills Program: "You Can Do It!" This program uses engaging characters to teach the skills of getting along, confidence, being organised, persistence and resilience. These five skills are embedded in our programming and assist children greatly in developing their social and emotional needs in their Kindergarten year.

11What are the Kindergarten age requirements?

We adhere to the QLD government age guidelines, which are very strict about entry into Kindergarten. Your child must be 4 years old by June 30 to participate in a Queensland Government-subsidised kindergarten program.

12What are the opening hours of City Stars Kindergarten?

We run a five-day per fortnight part-time program which consists of Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesday OR Thursday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays. Our hours are 8.15am to 3.00pm. City Stars students have access to Before School Care and After School Care each day. In the school holidays, City Stars can attend our Vacation Care program if additional care is required.

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What Our Parents Say:

  • "It is with great pleasure that I write this Testimonial for City Stars, my husband and I are incredibly impressed with the program on offer. As an Early Childhood Teacher myself, who has taught in many Kindergartens in Canberra, I am still blown away each week with the personalised learning experiences City Stars provide. Zoe is the youngest of four children and is academically more advanced than her sisters were at this age, I credit this to the amazing teachers for their personalised programs and their passion for teaching. We love that City Stars is part of the Caloundra City Private School Community. This allows our children to interact with other year levels and get to see familiar faces. Zoe’s highlight of the day is seeing her sisters throughout the day. Furthermore, the City Star students are able to use the facilities and resources that the school offers like the Library and the Permaculture Garden. Zoe loves feeding the chickens and eating the fresh produce."
    City Stars Logo
    Marilyn Paxevanos
  • "City Stars Kindergarten is an ideal place to begin your child's educational journey. It is a vibrant, activity packed, learning adventure every day. The teaching staff are warm, fun and foster friendship and caring amongst the City Stars students. We think the Kindergarten provides a fantastic transition into "big school" and it's wonderful to find a place that the children love too."
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    Fleur and Craig Norton
  • "Two of our four children have been fortunate enough to have attended City Stars Kindergarten at Caloundra City Private School. We feel that City Stars has given them the opportunity to experience the fun of learning at an early age. Our son loves to go to school and wakes up each morning asking us if he is going to City Stars today! The teachers let each child know that they are valued and important and the atmosphere in the classroom is one of warmth and acceptance. As parents whose children have attended Caloundra City Private School for the last eleven years we have been most impressed by the quality of the teaching staff. They are all very supportive and encouraging and our family really appreciates their efforts."
    City Stars Logo
    David and Meg Tanner

A Typical Day at City Stars

Learning Groups
Learning Groups

Learning Groups

In small groups children rotate around different games and activities that promote early Literacy and Numeracy skills, build fine and gross motor skills and promote working together and creativity.
Parents are encouraged to assist with Learning Groups and join in too.

Circle Time
Circle Time

Circle Time

Our daily Circle Time promotes oral language development, establishes listening skills and turn taking and promotes children to become more
confident speaking in front of their peers.

Inside Play
Inside Play

Inside Playtime

Throughout our day children have their own relaxed free playtime where they can move around and play freely. Inside the children love using the dress-ups, role-playing in our Home Corner area and turning it into a café or a shop or perhaps setting up a doctor’s surgery and helping to fix sick patients. There are open-ended activities and investigations
set up daily for children to explore.

Outside Play
Outside Play

Outside Playtime

Children have access to our yard, which includes our own vegetable garden, fort, and sandpit and then a large flat-grassed area for the children to run around on or use the obstacle course.



Children are encouraged to be creative and hands-on with all of their learning and play experiences. We have regular dress up and theme days to fit in with the interests of the children and what is going on in our community.

Afternoon Adventures
Afternoon Adventures

Afternoon Adventures

Each afternoon City Stars enjoy using the different facilities of our school. This includes visiting the large permaculture garden and feeding the chickens, playing ball games on the tennis court, visiting our
School Library, playing games on the oval, and doing activities with our Year 3 Buddies.

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